Wedding planning can be stressful, especially when it comes to choosing your vendors! There’s a lot of researching and inquiries involved until you find the one you are looking for! That being said, when it comes to your wedding photographer, it shouldn’t just be another vendor. Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important pieces in the wedding planning! Your photographer is there to capture all the special moments from your day! If you end up choosing someone who doesn’t have the particular style or approach that you’re looking for, let’s just say you might not be a big fan of the result. And choosing your wedding photographer doesn’t have to be a worrisome task! We’re sharing in 3 steps how you can find the perfect wedding photographer that lines up with your vision!

Choose your style

In the wedding photography industry, there are tons of photography styles to choose from. Do you want your photos to look light and colorful? Moody and dark? Or maybe you want your photos to be creative and dramatic! If you and your partner are doing an adventurous wedding, find a photographer who is well-versed in travel photography and capturing all the beautiful sites and backdrops! Sit down and determine what you want your wedding style to be and coordinate that with your wedding photographer!

Browse their portfolio

How will you know if you want to book that certain photographer if you don’t know what kind of photos they take? Most photographers will have their portfolio or directory available to potential clients to browse their past work and get a feel for what their editing style is as well. You can also browse their website and/or blog (if they have one) and their social media to get a sense of their presence and style and how many other people recommend them! Pro-tip: read their reviews!

Meet in person!

The best way to know if a wedding photographer is a good fit for you is to meet face-to-face! Go out for coffee or lunch and ask them questions! Get to know them and see how they got started in the photography biz and what some of their favorite photography experiences have been. Ask yourself if you and your partner will be comfortable with this photographer for your wedding and if they are a good fit with the style you want!

Don’t be afraid to always ask questions and get to know potential wedding photographers before booking them! The wedding day goes by so fast, you’re going to want to look back at your wedding photos and recall all those special memories and not worry about something you may not like about the photos.