Maternity Photography – Capturing The Ultimate Achievement

Maternity Photography.  Capturing the ultimate milestone is what it is all about.  Bringing a version of yourself into this world to nurture, love, guide, and teach.  Capture these fleeting moments in your own style, in-studio, or on location, the choice is yours.

You’re Glowing!!!

You’ve probably heard family and friends comment on the fact that “you’re glowing”!  Also, “pregnancy suits you” is another popular adage many women hear from various people throughout their pregnancy.  Between the swollen ankles, the munchies, and the fact that few, if any, of your clothes fit anymore, this “process” doesn’t always make you feel beautiful.

In fact, a lot of women lose their self-confidence at this beautiful phase of their lives.  Your ever-evolving self may seem like the perfect excuse not to take photos for 40 weeks, but, from experience, we can say it’s just the opposite!


The Facts

At the end of the day, there is one beautiful fact – you’re growing a human being – let’s capture that!  Dressing up in a way that accentuates your bump, putting on some makeup if that fits your style, and making it all about yourself (mani-pedi anyone!) for a fine art photography session may be just what fits the bill for a case of the pregnancy blues.

When you see your pictures after the shoot, you may be surprised at just how beautiful you look.


Why Choose Us

We are experienced in our craft and offer first-class service and attention. Your experience begins with your vision.  A location that reminds you of your childhood or a creatively lit session in the studio.  Create a portfolio that captures this most beautiful and important milestone in your life.  Reach out today to schedule your maternity photo session.  Remember that the best time is  Be sure to stop by Mama Bump Rentals to purchase or rent your session attire.  And, if makeup is your style, Spreading The Pretty is our trusted makeup artist.  Reach out today for your Maternity Photography session.