Whether it’s your first or hundredth time photographing a wedding, there are always new tips and tricks to learn and try out! Wedding photography these days has become its own business and can be very tricky to learn. The wedding day moves by so fast, it can be stressful to capture everything that you (and the couple) want. That’s why preparation is key! We are going to let you in on 4 ways that you can take more elegant wedding photos without feeling rushed!

Create a shot list

Meet with the couple a few weeks before the wedding to create a shot list together! Have them gather some examples that they really love and bounce around ideas! Remember that the wedding day is all about the couple and their style. Some couples may have a destination wedding, or an adventurous elopement. Brainstorm some ideas that are going to be unique to the couple and really make them shine. Once you have a list, you won’t be brainstorming off the top of your head the day of the wedding and taking random photos. If you and the couple know what you want beforehand, you can take the time to really capture those moments perfectly.

Look at the location beforehand

If you are a hardcore planner, scouting out the location of the wedding will definitely be a huge help! Take your camera and take a few test shots in a few locations to get a feel for the lighting and backgrounds. From there, the wedding day will be a lot easier to shoot since you already know the best spots and places for natural lighting. This will also help you feel prepared and not rushed to take certain shots in a place you don’t know.

Photograph the small details

Those extra shots of the wedding rings, the groom’s tie, the wedding invitations, the flowers, or the back of the dress are to die for! Learning how to photograph those small, intimate details of the wedding add such an elegant, personal touch and really set the foundation of the mood board you are going for.

Have two cameras

Take an extra camera with you (or extra photographer) to capture different angles, and use a different lens! You never know how a different angle or lens can completely transform a photo! The certain shots that you want to capture will help determine which lenses to use!

It certainly takes a lot of skill and practice to become a high-end wedding photographer. These 4 tips are sure to add a touch of elegance and personalization to your photography!