If you’ve been in the photography business for a while, you’ve probably come across a few bumps in the road… like losing data, batteries dying, dropping and shattering the camera, photos being out of focus, etc. We’ve all been there!

Sometimes, technical issues are just unavoidable. It comes with the territory. However, through more experience, you’ll find that there are some ways that you can help prevent some technical issues, and one of them is bringing back-up camera equipment! Photographing a wedding or any other event means that you always need to be prepared! Having back-up gear to capture different shots or changing your lenses can be a huge relief if you ever find yourself in a sticky technical situation. Here are our top 3 reasons why back-up equipment is crucial as a photographer!

Your camera may die or break

Bringing a back-up or secondary camera with you to a shoot will save your life if your primary camera decides to stop working or won’t take any more shots. After using cameras for a long period of time, your camera might need professional repairs, so you definitely will want a second camera and batteries with you if it breaks or stops working. Bringing extra batteries or battery grips for your camera always ensures that you’ll have enough power, especially for those long 8-9 hour wedding days.

Extra lenses give you peace of mind

It doesn’t take much for a lense to crack or break, or for it to be out of focus. Having different lenses with you not only allows you to get extra footage or different perspective shots, but is also necessary just in case one of your lenses gets stolen, breaks, or becomes lost. Hold on to that peace of mind knowing that you have back-up lenses… just in case.

External hard drives and online back-ups keep data from being lost!

We’ve all had this happen, you store up so much data on your computer and contents get lost or accidentally erased. That’s never good. Now, there are two back-up options, external hard drives and online copies! Having external hard drives and offloading your content from your computer frequently helps keep all of your content protected and safely stored! But, hard drives can be easily stolen or destroyed. That’s why it’s even more important to have online back-up copies of your work, or cloud storage. Offloading your content into an online space like Google photos, Outlook, or another platform that can be accessed simply by an internet connection. So, if you use a different device, you can simply login to your account and access your work anywhere!

The moral of the story is, always have a back-up plan. Sometimes, things just don’t go the way you planned it. Extra back-up gear could save your neck and help you keep doing what you love!