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Do I Need a Second Shooter? 2017-06-05T18:34:48+00:00

We’re often told, “I don’t need a second shooter”.   Let us explain it this way, do you tell your doctor not to use a stethoscope??

The lead photographer will photograph your wedding along with a second photographer fully qualified to shoot as lead.

The main benefit to having two photographers is to provide adequate coverage. For example, during your formal photo session, one photographer can capture the formal photos, while the second one can get behind-the-scenes, photojournalistic photos, like your guests mingling.  There are also photographer assistants.  Up to three depending on the size of the wedding.

What Is Our Style? 2017-06-05T18:33:45+00:00

We offer a varied approach to our photography using various styles. From a story-telling perspective, we use a documentary style. Recording the events as they happen capturing the moments in their candid nature as they unfold organically.

A family event, many opportunities will present themselves for portraits of the bride, groom and their families. We use the character of your wedding and/or reception venue as your unique backdrop. While not totally candid, the posing utilized here will be to accentuate your natural style and personalities.

Although artistic in nature our philosophy is to capture your moments as they occur without embellishment, however, when moments present themselves, we will utilize the Fine Art style of photography to capture what we envision of the moment be it bold and edgy or soft and subdued, dictated by the moment.

Whatever your style, our goal is to capture sharp, well composed and well exposed (not too light and not too dark) images. Experienced with shooting film, we understand how to get it right without guessing.

When chosen to capture moments at your wedding, we become part of your day. We don’t want to be the focus of the day and are often told: “I didn’t know you captured that image”. It is our job to be professional and non-obtrusive while maintaining the necessary assertiveness and attention to detail to fulfill your wishes.